The King County Code is the compilation of King County laws that are permanent or general in nature.  The Code is provided in electronic formats and is updated as ordinances become effective as provided in the King County Charter.


          Original codification of the King County Code in 1972 and subsequent supplements were compiled, edited, and indexed by Book Publishing Company under direction of the King County Council.  In 1981, the King County Council began the codification of the Code, including preparation of an index and ordinance and resolution lists, which contain the ordinance or resolution number and its location, if codified, in the Code.  In 1999, a Disposition Table indicating the disposition, such as repeal, decodification or recodification, of former Code sections was added.  In 2012, paper supplements to the code were discontinued and versions of the code began to be posted online.


          The code is organized by subject matter under an expandable three-factor decimal numbering system.  Each section number designates, in sequence, the numbers of the title, chapter, and section.  For example, K.C.C. 11.04.030 is section 11.04.030 located in chapter 11.04 of Title 11.  Some vacant numbers have not been used to accommodate later additions to the Code.


          Each section of the Code is followed in parentheses by a legislative history identifying ordinance and resolution sources for the section.


          Materials noted as being available in the King County Archives may be obtained through the archives, phone 206-263-2480, email





Melani Hay                                                     Bruce A. Ritzen

Clerk of the Council                                         Code Reviser







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