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Road Services Division Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

S 96th Street Stormwater Pipes

Project No.:  1126441
Project limits:  Along South 96th Street in south Seattle
Project type:  Drainage / Culvert Improvement
Thomas Bros. Map No.:  625A4

Project description

Evaluate, design, and install new pipe liners or install new pipe

Why is King County doing this project?

The 36", 48" and pipe arch Corrugated Metal Pipes within South 96th Street roadway drainage system are severely deteriated have caused on-going road failures

Project management phase:  Construction Started

Status as of June 12, 2019

Construction is scheduled to start April, 8, 2019 and expected to be completed within 2 months


Adopted Capital Improvement Program & program overview

The Road Services Division Capital Improvement Program (CIP) contains all design and construction and studies for improvements on roads, bridges or transportation facilities in the unincorporated areas of King County.

Vicinity map

Vacinity map