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April 17, 2012

Dear friend:

On April 9th, I introduced two new ordinances aimed at taking on the issue of gang violence in King County head on.  If adopted, this legislation will be another important tool that law enforcement and judges can use in their battle against the spread of illegal gang activity. 

The first ordinance establishes criminal street gang emphasis areas and gives judges the ability to prohibit individuals convicted of gang related activity from entering high impact gang areas, as defined by the County Council and based on documented criminal gang activity.  This is modeled after other successful legislation that gives Judges the ability to restrict individuals convicted of drug or prostitution related offenses from entering specifically designated areas.  The second ordinance fills a gap in state law in relation to gang intimidation – and provides for the safety of all kids and young adults trying to stay out of or get out of a gang. 

While we protect young people attending school, the current law leaves persons not enrolled in a public or alternative school vulnerable and does not specifically protect them from gang intimidation. 

Overall these ordinances alone will not solve this crisis; a strong emphasis on prevention and education are two aspects of this fight that cannot be ignored.  But this new legislation can provide law enforcement with valuable tools in this fight for the lives and safety of young men and women in King County.

Together, we can give law enforcement the tools they need to combat gang related activity and give at-risk kids a path to a better future.

Check out my Op-Ed on this very subject in The Renton Reporter this week at

Please feel to e-mail me at reagan.dunn@kingcounty.gov or call my office at (206) 296-1009 if you have any questions regarding this or any other matter involving county government.

Best regards,


Reagan Dunn
King County Councilmember, District 9

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