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July 11, 2012

Human Trafficking Public Awareness Campaign

This week has been an extremely productive week at the King County Council.  I am pleased to announce that a motion I sponsored to combat Human Trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children was unanimously adopted by the full Council.  The motion calls for the County Executive to embark on a Human Trafficking public awareness campaign. The public awareness campaign will use King County Transit Division public service advertising to help inform the public about these crimes and to let victims know about the resources available to help them.

As a former federal prosecutor and member of the County Council, I have seen this crisis continue to grow.  We know that educating the public on what Human Trafficking is and providing information to trafficking victims on where to turn for assistance will help to combat these crimes.  This motion was an important step in protecting our children and using Metro resources in a positive way. 

It is estimated that between 300 and 500 children will be bought and sold in King County this year and children as young as 11 have been known to have been sexually exploited for commercial purposes in the County. The state of Washington has always been a focal point for human traffickers due to a number of attributes:  an abundance of ports;  proximity to an international border;  and a dependency on agricultural workers.  With the passing of this motion, King County is doing its part to fight back against this crisis.

Green River Valley Sandbag Removal is Underway

In my last E-news update I was proud to announce that the sandbags along a 26-mile stretch of the Green River put in place to protect against possible flooding were poised to be taken down. 

As of July 9, the first of the sandbags are being removed. The city of Kent has begun the process with others soon to follow.  To learn more visit the King County Flood Control District.

Dino Rossi Appointed to Washington State Senate

As of July 9,  the 5th Legislative District has a new Senator. Dino Rossi was unanimously appointed by the Council this week to fill the current vacancy. Residents of the 5th Legislative District can contact the newly appointed Senator via the following email address, Dino.Rossi@leg.wa.gov or by calling (360) 786-7608.

Please feel to e-mail me at reagan.dunn@kingcounty.gov or call my office at (206) 296-1009 if you have any questions regarding anything in this email or any other matter involving county government.

Best regards,


Reagan Dunn
King County Councilmember, District 9

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