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King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer
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News from and about King County… from health updates to community news affecting our daily lives.

Dear Friends:

Today’s update includes information about a Federal Way High School alumnus giving back, the Federal Way Lion’s car show, new legislation to stop an airport in Enumclaw, free youth bus passes, crime in our region, the 2022-23 Seahawks Schedule, a childcare financial assistance program, grant opportunities, health updates, and more.

Washington Trivia

This University of Washington alum was one of the first to summit Mount Vinson in Antarctica and one of two Americans to successfully climb the Gasherbrum I in Pakistan. Who was he?
(Answer is at the bottom).

Jaden McDaniels Gives Back

In 2019, I gave this graduating Federal Way High School Eagle a backpack for his first year at the UW, and this past weekend, Jaden McDaniels came home and distributed much-needed backpacks to students in the Federal Way School District. Jaden has gained weight and maturity in the NBA, and his family, Coach Yattah Reed (pictured with us) and his friends should be as proud of his skills on the court as of his service to others off the court.

With Jaden McDaniels in 2019 (Left), and Coach Yattah Reed, Pete von Reichbauer, and Jaden McDaniels in August 2022 (Right)

Federal Way Lions Car Show

Model A’s to “muscle” cars were on display at the Lion’s Club 2022 Car Show at The Commons. Miss Washington stood with me as I presented Jim Ross with the Top Cop Award. It was also great seeing Patrick Osby, who has served our area on the King County Civil Rights Commission.

With Jim Ross, Miss Washington, and Patrick Osby

Stopping an Airport in Enumclaw

I am co-sponsoring legislation that asks the Washington State Department of Transportation to remove the Enumclaw area from consideration as the site of a future airport in King County. King County is already home to three airports in the South Sound region and the addition of a fourth would place an undue aviation burden on our community.

Enumclaw is a great place to live, work and raise a family. I want to keep it that way!

Enjoying the King County Fair with Enumclaw Mayor Jan Molinaro

Free Youth Transit Bus Pass

As the new school year kicks off, King County Metro is providing all youth under the age of 19 with a free bus pass. Learn more about this program and how to sign up here: Free Youth Transit Pass is here!! New online tool helps you ride free until 19 – Metro Matters (kingcountymetro.blog)

Crime in our Community

Due to the rising crime level and given the public comments I’ve received at my office, I will begin providing crime updates as reported on government websites. The first step in accountability is the availability of widespread information, much like we had during the pandemic.

This update is intended to inform you about what is happening in our communities and where. Too often, we rely on anecdotal examples to shape our perceptions. I want you to have the facts. In addition to what is reported in the local news, I will be providing you with the tools to explore your neighborhood and our region.

My hope is that this information will not only make us better informed, but also provide us with solutions for how we can address the issues facing our community as we move forward.

To see crime information for all of King County, click here

2022-23 Seahawks Schedule

Grant Opportunities

Health Communities & Parks Fund

King County Parks’ Health Communities & Parks Fund has over $450,000 in total grant funding available and may award up to $15,000 to eligible entities for programs, capacity building, land acquisition, and capital projects that increase access to recreation, parks, and open space in underserved communities. The deadline to apply for Tier 1 Awards is Sunday, September 18th at 11:59 p.m. For more information, visit the grant website or contact Adam Schmid at adam.schmid@kingcounty.gov or 206-477-9338.

Open 4Culture Funds

Open 4Culture is all about expanding their reach and supporting projects being done by and for underserved communities in King County. Through this grant, which has no deadline, 4Culture awards amounts up to $1,500 to cultural doers serving underserved populations across the county. Artists and arts groups operating outside of Seattle and those working in Heritage and Preservation anywhere in King County may apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information, visit the grant website or contact Melissa Newbill at melissa.newbill@4culture.org.

King County Child Care Financial Assistance Program

King County has allocated $7 million of its federal ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding to support King County families with the cost of their child care. Eligible families may receive financial assistance to pay for their child care at eligible providers. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information, visit the grant website or email KingCCFA@childcare.org.

Health Updates

King County COVID-19 Case Update

Yesterday, Seattle – King County Public Health reported 501 daily average positive cases, bringing the total in King County to 501,315. In addition, Public Health reported 3 daily average deaths, bringing the total in the county to 3,060.

Recent data may be incomplete. For more information, visit the King County COVID Daily Summary Dashboard here.

Order free COVID home test kits: www.covidtests.gov | https://sayyescovidhometest.org/.

Vaccine Locator: To find COVID-19 vaccine appointments, visit Vaccine Locator.

For King County residents: Register here to schedule your appointment at one of the high-volume vaccination sites in King County.

For in-home vaccination: Call King County COVID-19 Call Center at 206-477-3977.

Register by phone: Call King County COVID-19 Call Center at 206-477-3977 or Washington COVID-19 Assistance Hotline at 1-800-525-0127, then press #.

For veterans: Call 206-716-5716 or visit www.va.gov/health-care/covid-19-vaccine.

For more information, visit getting vaccinated or getting tested in King County.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 9-8-8 to connect to the new Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, text TALK to 741-741 or visit https://988lifeline.org/.

Find your King County Council district here.

With best wishes,

Pete von Reichbauer
King County Councilmember

Washington trivia answer:

Peter Kittilsby Schoening was an American mountaineer who was born and raised in Seattle. He served in the US Navy in the last year of World War II, and later earned his chemical engineering degree at the University of Washington, where he became involved in mountain climbing.

Schoening became a mountaineering legend during “The Belay” when he saved a rope team of six men in 1953, single-handedly averting the loss of the whole American expedition by holding their weight on the sheer slope of the world’s second-highest peak, K2 (28,251 ft). The Belay is considered as one of the most famous events in mountaineering history.

In 1958, Schoening was one of the first Americans to reach the summit of the Himalayan Mountain Gasherbrum I (26,509 ft), surveyed as K5, also known as Hidden Peak. He was also one of the first to summit Mount Vinson/Vinson Massif (16,050 ft) in Antartica in 1966. The Schoening Peak in the Vinson Massif was named after him. Putrid Pete's Peak (P3), a prominence along the north rim of Snoqualmie Pass in Washington was also named after him.

In 1981, the American Alpine Club awarded him the David A. Sowles Memorial Award for his heroics at The Belay. In 2004, he died of bone cancer at his home in Kenmore, Washington at the age of 77.

Photo Source: Gripped, The Climbing Magazine

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